Our mission is to magnify Jesus Christ through music and the creative arts. We desire to inspire our church to develop a lifestyle of praise and worship, by being worshipers first, not performers. We don’t aim to bring attention to ourselves or even the art form we are using, but rather to usher people to the throne of God by offering and modelling authentic worship and creative arts with excellence, joy, and reverence.

Our Values

We value the work and move of the Holy Spirit – We want to be in tune with the Spirit of God in everything we do. We recognise that we cannot lead people in the spiritual act of worship without the intervention of the Holy Spirit. We trust the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us and reveal the father to us and those we are called to serve. We further trust the Holy Spirit as our primary worship leader and view ourselves as partners with him in leading others into the presence of God.

We value the scriptures – we commit to upholding the scriptures in all we do and strive to avoid any practices, resources, songs and our own conduct that would compromise the message of the scriptures. We also commit to personal devotion to the word of God for our own nourishment and that of others.

We value prayer – We uphold prayer as our primary source of communication with God. We commit to pray for ourselves, those in our church and those outside our immediate surroundings as often as possible.

We value people – We value people and are committed to availing the necessary resources for them to grow in their gifting. We further commit to supporting and nurturing one another in a way that is honouring to God and the scriptures.

We value servanthood – We believe in servant leadership and are committed to serving God, our church and each other to the best of our ability. We will not promote stardom or egocentric leadership on any of our teams.

We value creativity – We regard creativity as part of God’s heart for us. The scriptures give us a description of creation and at the center of it all is God’s creative heart. As sons and daughters of God we accept that we are created in the image of God and value creatively worshipping and serving him as an expression of our DNA. We desire to reveal the glory of God and his heart through our creativity and seek no glory of our own.

We value community – As newly born children of God in Christ we celebrate that we are adopted into the family of God. We want to love one another passionately as part of our responsibility within the family. We therefore commit to serving one another in love and humility, placing high value on each other to the best of our ability.

We value mission – We value mission and believe that we are called to serve the body of Christ beyond King of Kings. As a result, we are committed to availing ourselves and our resources to partner with other churches and believers as the opportunities arise.

We value accountability – We are committed to being accountable to one another. We also commit to keeping others accountable as the scriptures instruct in all situations.

We value diversity – We believe in the diversity of the body of Christ. We welcome people of all races, cultures and genders who show a love and passion for service to be a part of the worship ministry.

We value excellence – We desire to be excellent in all we do. We believe that God is an excellent God who is worthy of our utmost best. As a result we commit to honing our skills in order to inspire others to offer excellence to God in all they do.

We value authenticity – We desire to portray the most authentic picture of ourselves to one another as well as and those we lead. We prioritise, above all else to walk authentically before God and those we lead. As a result we will withhold nothing about ourselves that could compromise this.

We value commitment – We value the heart of the individual more than their ability. We commit to placing the necessary processes in place to help ensure, as far as it is possible, that all members serving in the worship community have a growing and healthy walk with the Lord as their primary commitment.

Our Values

We love to give opportunities to musicians to express their passion for God through worship. It is a biblical principle to offer your gifts to God and to serve the body of Christ. In order to join the worship ministry some areas require previous experience, but many simply require a heart to serve the Lord and a willingness to learn. We are happy to train anyone who shows a Godly desire to give their talents to the Lord. If you are interested in serving click here to view the process.

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Carols on the Common

Carols on the Common

It's officially Christmas time, which mean... TIME TO SING SOME CAROLS! You and your family are invited to the annual Carols on the Common Event. On the 10th of December, please come picnic with us on Noordhoek Common between 6pm-8pm and we will sing some carols...

Online Prayer Meeting

Online Prayer Meeting

Date: Mondays at 19.00
Location: on Zoom
Speak to Jo or contact the church office for the link