We’re all growing as Christians and our pathways are all different. There are however, some key growth points that we should all consider as Christ-followers. These help us to mature in our faith so we can become all that we were destined to be.

Here’s how you can take your take your next growth pathway step:


Water baptism is an outward declaration of the decision that you’ve made to surrender your life to Jesus. It’s a powerful reminder of you rising up to new life and leaving your old life behind. Getting baptised is a public declaration of your personal decision to follow Christ and make him the Lord and Saviour of your life. It allows others to celebrate this big moment with you


We are all given different skills and spiritual gifts. God calls us to walk in our unique gifting. Learn more about your spiritual gifts and commit to a ministry that you feel led to serve in.


Small groups are the heartbeat of our church. Doing life together in a small group is such an amazing way to live out our faith in a practical way. Our small groups involve getting into God’s Word, sharing heart, praying for each other, or simply enjoying a meal together. Small groups are one of the best ways live out authentic community whilst building relationships and becoming more like Christ.


Living with an awareness of our world is close to God’s heart. Why not consider getting involved in an outreach organisation, community project, or join us on our next missions trip