At King of Kings, giving isn’t just a momentary act – it’s a way of life. We want generosity to be our norm and mark us as God’s people. We believe our offerings act as a thread woven into the fabric of our community and testify to the abundance and blessing of God. Through your generosity, we ensure that the mission goes on, the Kingdom of God expands, and our impact deepens.


BLESSING FUND: The Blessing fund is used to help certain needs within our church family and in our valley. If you want to give into this fund, simply include the reference: ‘Blessing’. We will be using the Blessing fund to help people during the COVID crisis as well.

GREATER MISSION GIVING: Greater Mission Giving is a faith-based method of giving that goes towards supporting our various missionaries and missional projects. If you feel led to give into this, we recommend that you ask God to lay either a monthly amount on your heart as a debit order, or as a once-off amount. Simple include the reference: ‘Greater Mission’.