Exploring the miracles in John’s Gospel


Sunday 18 February 2018

Tristan Jensen

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This morning we are going to talk about healing. It’s a big topic. One that can easily challenge us. So often it’s normal for us Christians to not have an appetite for the impossible. Yet so much of the Gospels, our central text about Christ, reveals miracle after miracle. Healings, deliverances, provision, walking on water. Yet today, its almost as if something is missing. And I want to challenge our mindsets this morning. Because signs and wonders aren’t the norm for us. They are the occasional occurrence. And when we do a series like this, or talk on a topic like healing, we can sub-consciously listen to it through filter, perhaps a filter of a past experience, or a filter of a theological viewpoint. Lets ask the Holy Spirit to give us fresh ears to hear what he wants to say to us this morning.

Water Turned into Wine

Sunday 11 February 2018

Neil Smith

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Today we are starting a new series in the book of John, called “That you may believe!” We are going to be exploring the miracles in John’s gospel, sometimes called signs. There are seven of them, and these messages are going to carry us through to Easter weekend. Today we are looking at the first one – where Jesus turns water into wine.